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Oral Thrush in Babies

Newborn babies need utmost care and special attention to prevent them from skin problems. Oral thrush is one of the most common infections that occurs mostly in infants. It appears as white patches which develop in the lips, sides, and tongue of the baby’s mouth but it can also spread to the tonsils and throat. This kind of thrush is usually harmless but sometimes it can irritate the baby. It is easy to treat babies oral thrush through adopting some caring measures.

babies oral thrush

What are the symptoms of babies oral thrush?

Its symptoms can appear abruptly. Following are the symptoms of oral thrush.

  • White coating on the lips, inside the cheeks, and tongue etc. These patches look like cottage cheese which is hard to wash.
  • Baby feel pain while swallow something
  • Baby is reluctant about breastfeeding
  • Redness around the patches
  • Wiping these patches may cause swelling
  • Change in mood, like irritating and fussiness
  • The corners and the sides of the mouth may crack
  • Fever
  • Baby is not gaining weight properly

What are the common causes of oral thrush?

The main cause of oral thrush is yeast like fungus, Candida Albicans. Some major reasons are here:

  • The immune system of the baby is weak to resist against Candida (fungus)
  • Use of antibiotics may disturb the balance between healthy and harmful bacteria in our body
  • Mother’s breast is not dry completely after the feeding process
  • Sucking pacifiers and bottles for an extended period of time
  • Overgrowth of Candida fungus

What are the best home remedies for babies’ oral thrush?

Oral thrush can be treated easily and does not require any special attention. It usually disappears within two weeks. However, if it is irritating the child then immidiately consult a doctor. Endoscopy and x-rays of the esophagus are used for the diagnosis of the oral thrush. Doctors mostly prescribe Antifungal medicine, miconazole. This medicine is to kill the fungus in the baby’s mouth. Some antifungal gels are also suggested.

Both mother and infected baby be treated at the same time for further prevention of infection. Antifungal tablets are very helpful in several cases of oral thrush. Babies who aged under four and having the signs of the oral thrush must see a doctor. Recurrences are possible which should be taken into account seriously. Grapefruit seed extract, coconut oil, and baking soda are most common natural remedies for oral thrush.

baby thrush

What are the precautions for babies oral thrush?

Mostly doctors suggest following precautions to prevent infection

  • Sterilize the pacifiers, bottles and other feeding equipment
  • Avoid giving your child antibiotics
  • Avoid overuse of mouth washers and sprays
  • Use breast pads, which do not have plastic barrier while breastfeeding because they encourage the growth of the Candida.
  • Clean and sterilize all the toys and dummies that go into baby’s mouth
  • Mother make sure of dry breast after and before feeding
  • Mother should wash the nipples between the foods
  • Make sure to give sterilized water after feeding
  • Use coconut oil and baking soda
  • Replacement of pacifiers and bottles every week

Our findings

Oral thrush is also one of the most common infections. It appears as white patches inside the mouth that is harmless but sometimes very irritating. I have enlisted some of the well-practiced remedies and treatments which have proved very useful for the treatment of oral thrush. Well, if you are in need of the best parenting guide or looking for the charactarestics of good parenting book then here is the perfect article for you.

oral thrush in babies
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oral thrush in babies
Babies oral thrush is one of the most disturbing factors for babies and parents. All the common questions about thrush in babies has been discussed in depth
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