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Babies Skin Problems, Causes and Solution

Newborn babies are very weak and fragile. Especially their skin is very soft and delicate that demands great care. A newborn baby can easily be irritated by cradle cap, acne, eczema or other skin problems in babies. Most of these are disappeared without any treatment but some new babies may easily prone to skin irritation in their initial months. This document includes some babies skin problems, their causes, the possible treatment and remedies.

baby skin problems

Causes of babies skin problems

Infants have very delicate skin and immune system. Here are some causes of skin problems.

  1. Due to excessive moist from spit up
  2. Use of products that can cause skin care problems like soaps and fragrances
  3. Use of alcoholic wipes
  4. Direct contact of baby skin with some allergic substance
  5. Genetic issues
  6. Use of plastic pants or hard clothes causing baby nappy rash
  7. Bacterial infection

Some of the important baby skin care problems are listed below.

baby acne problems

Baby acne

Baby acne is a very common problem. About 40% percent of babies may have acne. These are the red tiny spots in the skin of infants. Your hormones can cause these spots, pimples in the skin of the baby. The good news about baby acne is that they disappear and resolve on their own and they do not require any special treatment. Do not apply anything on it and also avoid squeezing acne as it may worsen the situation.

baby cradle capCradle cap in babies

Cradle cap is also known as seborrhea. It appears as crusty patches or crusty yellow scales on the scalp or eyebrows of the baby and most common in infants under six months. It includes the scalp of the infant and other parts of the body like neck, cheeks or behind the ears. Use of excessive oil and yeast infection are the causes of cradle cap. It is not a harmless condition and requires no medication. Cradle cap can be treated as by simply washing the baby’s head with some shampoo and then by using a baby comb for the removal of these patches.

Heat rash baby

heat rash babies

Heat rash is also known as miliaria or prickly heat. These are the tiny red bumps and they are mostly present in the covered areas like back, neck, and armpits etc. excessive sweetness, high fever or use of heavy creams can cause heat rashes. These rashes mostly appear in hot weather but can also appear in cold weather if your baby is dressing excessive cloths. Although it is itchy and annoying for a kid, it usually disappears within a week. Heat rashes are not infectious. It can be treated easily by giving your child a cold bath and by keeping your child as cool and dry as possible. Dress your baby in cool and loose clothes. Use of powders and lotions must be avoided. Consult with your doctor if the rashes get swore.

Eczema in babies

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis, atopic eczema, and baby dermatitis. These are the very itchy and sore rashes and they can appear anywhere in the baby. These rashes initially start from the face and then they can spread all over the body. These rashes gradually result in making skin dry, scaly and itchy. This skin condition which may affect babies as well as children and adults. It is most common for those children who have a family history of allergies and asthma. This is a chronic condition and it may reappear at any age. It makes baby pretty uncomfortable which also cause babies sleep disorder.

baby eczema

These rashes are also not infectious. These rashes mostly happen in the response of trigger as an allergy with the lotions or soaps. Its exact cause is unknown but it is considered that environmental factors, genetic issues, and allergens are responsible for eczema. Use of wool clothes can also be responsible for these rashes.

Treatment of these rashes demands considerable patience. Here are some tips to treat eczema. Bathe your baby daily by using some gentle soaps or detergents. Apply a moderate amount of moisturizer every day to control flares. Keep the skin of your baby dehydrated. Bathe your baby in lukewarm water. In severe cases of eczema, antibiotics or steroids may be prescribed. Contact with your pediatrician in the severe case of eczema.

milia babiesMilia in babies

Milia is also known as white bumps. These are the Almost 50% of infants might be infected from milia. These are the whitish or yellow dots of the size of a needle tip. Adults can also have this disease. They are related with the cause of premature grow of glands and as well as by oil glands blocked by skin flares. The treatment of milia is very easy. These white spots disappear on their own. So, it does not require any special medication.

Baby Contact Dermatitis

contact dermatities babies

Contact dermatitis is a skin reaction caused by the direct contact of your baby’s skin with some irritant or allergic substances. Skin of the body becomes itchy and red and blisters may also erupt in the skin. Things that cause these reactions may include chemical products, detergents, foods or certain metals and plants. It is hard to find such objects which are irritating for baby’s skin. Parents may find them harmless but it is important to avoid contact with such allergic substances.

Find such allergic things as soon as possible. Use moisturizers if these rashes look dry. Consult with your pediatrician if the condition is severe.

babies birth mark

Birthmarks on babies

Birthmarks are very common in babies. Red and pigmented are two major types of birthmarks. They may be present there when a new baby is born or they can show up months later. Birthmarks can be of many colors like pink, blue, tan, and red etc. Some birthmarks fade over time but some are chronic. There is not a single method available to prevent. There is nothing to worry about birthmarks and they also require no medication. Consult with your doctor if your baby’s birthmarks worry you.

babies dry skinDry skin in babies

Most babies are born with dry skin and they start peeling in the days after they are born. Dark skin is not to worry about. It usually stops soon. Dry skin mostly occurs when a baby is born late. Keep your baby hydrated for the prevention of dry skin. If dry skin lasts longer or it worries you, consult with your doctor who might prescribe some special lotions or soaps.

How to Take Care of Babies Skin?

It is important for parents to learn from parenting books or any other source how to take care of babies’ skin. Here I have written some homemade remedies which will be helpful in protecting babies.

  • Always keep your baby neat and clean
  • Bath your baby maximum 4 times a week in lukewarm water. Make sure that you are using a mild soap. Resist your urge to bath the baby frequently and apply a suitable moisturizer after bath.
  • Beware while purchasing baby skin care products in early months. Do not buy scented products as they might irritate the skin of your baby
  • Dress your baby in neat and clean clothes. Wash clothes before they are born. Dress your baby in soft clothes. Avoid using plastic pants
  • Avoid using talcum powder
  • Keep changing your baby’s nappy frequently
  • Gently massage your baby’s skin
  • Give your baby a comfortable environment. Keep room temperature at an adequate level
  • Do not use carpets
  • Often expose your baby in sunlight. Must apply sunscreen while exposing your baby in sunlight
  • Often apply moisturizers and baby lotions
  • Keep your baby hydrated
  • Avoid contact with allergic and irritating substances
  • Try to use natural and organic products for your baby

babies skin care


Babies have very soft and delicate skin and they require utmost care. Some of the babies’ skin problems are harmless and they require no medication but some skin issues might irritate your baby. I have enlisted some important tips to soothe crying babies due to skin issues and most practiced homemade treatments. I tried to cover all the possible solution to provide relief to your kids because I know if “babies are happy, parents will be happier”.

Babies Skin Problems, Causes and Solution
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Babies Skin Problems, Causes and Solution
All the possible babies skins problems, causes and best-practiced solution from the experienced parents which will help you to soothe your babies quickly.
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