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Baby Nappy Rash, Causes and Remedies

Babies are the biggest blessing who made our lives colorful but discomfort of babies makes parents’ life worst. I use to highlight different problems of new borns and toddlers and tried best to provide the best solution. As a parent I feel that baby nappy rash is the most common infant’s skin disorder and it can occur up to one third of babies and toddlers in nappies. I get some tips from best parenting guides for new parents which help me a lot. If your baby’s nappy area is looking red, sore and inflamed then your baby might be a victim of nappy rash. You may feel warm when you touch the skin of your baby. If it is not treated within three days then it may cause fungal infection. Although nappy rashes are very discomforting for babies but the good thing is that these are easy to treat. To treat this problem professionally, you need to have basic knowledge of its causes.

babies nappy rash remedies

Causes of baby nappy rash

I explore all the available resources to mention maximum casus of babies’ skin rash so I found the following.

  • Wearing a dirty and wet nappy for a long time
  • Contact of your baby’s skin with poo or wee for long time
  • Not changing the nappy once in a day
  • Leaving soaps and detergents on nappy clothes after washing
  • Reaction of your baby’s skin with some specific soap
  • The quality of nappy is not good enough
  • Allergies of any kind
  • Excessive use of antibiotics.
  • Lack of fresh air for the babies’ skin
  • Using too much bum cream
  • Alcoholic baby wipes
  • Oral thrush can be a cause of producing fungal nappy rash
  • Contact of urine and ammonia for a longer duration of time
  • Bacterial or fungal infection, thrush or eczema are the severe cases


If your baby’s nappy area looks red, irritated and sore then your baby might have nappy rashes. There may be pink or red spots, blotches, pimples and red patches. Skin may also feel hot to touch. Rashes can make your baby irritable. A baby can express his feelings only by just crying. So, try to understand what is making him discomfort. If your baby is suffering from fever, then it might cause infection, and it requires to be seen by yours doctor.

Prevention and Remedies of Nappy Rash

It is easy to cure nappy rash. I am going to mention here some well-practiced methods to cure nappy rash.

  • Change your child nappy as soon as you see it wet or soiled
  • Change your baby’s nappy frequently
  • Use a warm wet cloth of cotton to clean your baby bottom
  • Strictly avoid using plastic pants because they keep body moist for a very long time
  • Choose a nappy of good quality. Your nappy must be super absorbent
  • Do not use talcum powder or lotions etc.
  • Gently dry your baby after washing them
  • Give your child as much free time in open air as possible without nappy as it will keep his skin dry
  • Give bath your baby only once in a day as it is enough to make your baby clean
  • Whenever you change nappy, apply some cream on the baby’s skin as suggested by the doctor
  • Try to keep your baby always neat and clean
  • Use alcohol free and fragrance-free wipes
  • Consider in changing your child’s diet
  • Remove anything from the environment that can cause rashes in your baby

babies nappy rash tips

When to see the doctor

Contact your doctor immediately if you see any of the following signs

  • Rashes are getting worse or lasts after a week
  • These have become painful
  • Rashes are spreading to the other parts of body like abdomen, neck, face or arms
  • If your baby is suffering from fever
  • Appearance of skin eruptions like blisters, crusts or pimples
  • Rashes are very red
  • Your child is not getting enough sleep
  • Rashes may be infected with thrush
  • If rashes occur within first month of baby’s birth
  • Formation of red patches on leg

Our Take

I tried my best to describe all the factors which can cause baby nappy rash and mentioned some most practiced and widely used remedies. If somehow you do not find these remedies effective or your baby is suffering from severe case of nappy rash, it is recommnded to contact your doctor immediately or get best parenting book for easy handling of your babies. We welcome your feedback in this regards and if anything else works for you to cure baby rashes then write to us so that maximum people can get benefit from this.

Baby Nappy Rash, Causes and Remedies
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Baby Nappy Rash, Causes and Remedies
One of the worst problem for infants and toddlers is nappy rash which becomes more disturbing if not treated on time. I cover all the possible causes and preventions to stop baby nappy rashes.

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