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Being a parent is something many people look forward to. It is challenging as it is fulfilling with many highs and lows until you have best parenting books for toddlers. Even though every journey is different, most moms and dads reckon that toddler years are just one of the toughest phases of parenting. It is a crazy stage where you may literally feel like you are losing your mind. You may even absolutely hate parenting. Furthermore, if bad behavior is not controlled at a tender stage, it is much more likely to continue to teenage years. As a result, parenting in the future years will be equally hard or even worse. This is why it is so critical for parents to aim at dealing with behavior problems early in childhood. Ideally at the toddler stage.

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Toddler characteristics

The ages of two, three and four years old are what we call toddler years. Sometimes though, it can start as early as one year or drags on to five years of age. This age group is known for threatening the peace at home and just about anywhere. As a result, toddlers have earned such names as terrible two’s, tantrum three’s and fearsome fours.

When food starts flying up the ceiling, spoons hitting your face, bath times commencing with fights and dressing up turning to a tag of war, you no doubt acknowledge that toddler stage has struck. Not to mention unreasonable meltdowns at the restaurant and tantrums at the shopping mall. Kicking, screaming and biting are all characteristics of our toddlers.

This stage takes many parents by surprise. One day your baby is cool, calm and collected; nursing, playing and sleeping peacefully without much qualms. Then all of a sudden the same baby goes berserk and turns into a temperamental tiny monster. The cute baby talk ‘gugu gaga’ is quickly replaced with ‘NO’. Oh how they love barking that word back at every instruction. Just like that, your happy bubble bursts leaving you wondering what just happened.

Understanding Toddler’s Behavior

parenting books for toddlers everSuch like behaviors characterized by defiance and aggression leave manyparents unhappy, overwhelmed, exhausted, embarrassed and wishing kids came with a manual. But what if I told you, there actually exists a manual? That you do not have to put up with the toddler drama for the three years or so? What if I told you that there is a way to enjoy parenting with toddlers and have a healthy, respectful and wholesome relationship?

If you are feeling skeptical, ask yourself, how did the other parents do it? The parents of those well behaved toddlers you meet at the park playing peacefully. And in malls tagging along their parents happily. Or at church seated calmly, all the while your little one is on the ground kicking and screaming. Do they just blessed? No. Can it be sheer luck? No. Someone actually took steps to mould them into well behave individual and here’s how to do it.

Communication – the secret weapon

The best way around handling toddlers is for parents to fully equip themselves with the necessary and relevant skills for this particular challenge. There’s no better place to learn that than from a child expert. These experts offer lessons through parenting books with a focus on toddlers. See, all of the best parenting books for toddlers including Talking to Toddlers by Chris Thompson are in agreement that communication -the secret weapon- has everything to do with kids behaviour and is the key to solving the toddler menace.

Toddlers most times do not have the words to express themselves or what they are feeling in a way that can be understood. The number one reason for outbursts of emotion. Parents on the other hand have no clue how to communicate to their toddlers in a way that they can comprehend. By constantly yelling ‘no’ to them, kids tend to pick it up from parents. As a result they learn to yell back. Above all, lack of a connection between parents and kids further widens the communication gap and makes it near impossible to foster a relationship. By investing in such books, you can salvage your sanity by gaining real value lessons and practical parenting solutions.


Key lesson from the best parenting books for toddlers

There is a myriad of lessons such as discipline and punishment, managing anger, rewarding good behaviour, fun things to enhance a connection, ways of using distraction to get things done and so much more one can take home. They can all be summarized into 3 key points.

  • How to make sense to a toddler. As a parent you will master the how to’s of communicating to your child in a way they will understand you without yelling or using the word ‘no’. This way you can get them to do what you need them to.
  • Understanding toddler behavior. You will be trained on how to get into the child’s mind, identify symptoms and be able to interpret their behavior which is commonly caused by emotions. By understanding your kid, you will be capable of serving and responding to them appropriately and calmly.
  • Building a relationship with your toddler. Communication problems thrive where there is a disconnect between parent and child. The experts will help you restore the broken link between you and your child using techniques that create a rapport. This will in turn seal the gap and restore a connection. This means better communication with each other.

If you’d like to read further on these and more lessons for managing toddlers’ behaviour, you can visit us for some amazing audio books from Chris Thompson -an author, communication expert and father. They are rich in content pertaining to effective parenting.


Remember, everyone was once a new parent even experts were once amateurs like you. But instead of feeling miserable and like a total failure of a parent, you can do something to turn around the situation. Get the best of parenting books for toddlers, read, acquire as much knowledge, put into practise what you learn and watch your life change for better. Make a decision to take back control of your life today by purchasing a book now.

Best Parenting Books for Toddlers
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Best Parenting Books for Toddlers
For some parents, it is a very challenging phase to handle toddlers so they always look for the best parenting guides for toddlers to help them in managing all the activities.
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