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Oral Thrush in Babies

babies oral thrush

Contents What are the symptoms of babies oral thrush?What are the common causes of oral thrush?What are the best home remedies for babies’ oral thrush?What are the precautions for babies oral thrush?Our findings Newborn babies need utmost care and special attention to prevent them from skin problems. Oral thrush is one of the most common infections […]

Babies Skin Problems, Causes and Solution

babies skin care

Contents Causes of babies skin problemsBaby acneCradle cap in babiesHeat rash babyEczema in babiesMilia in babiesBaby Contact DermatitisBirthmarks on babiesDry skin in babiesHow to Take Care of Babies Skin?Conclusion Newborn babies are very weak and fragile. Especially their skin is very soft and delicate that demands great care. A newborn baby can easily be irritated […]

Baby Nappy Rash, Causes and Remedies

Contents Causes of baby nappy rashSymptomsPrevention and Remedies of Nappy RashWhen to see the doctorOur Take Babies are the biggest blessing who made our lives colorful but discomfort of babies makes parents’ life worst. I use to highlight different problems of new borns and toddlers and tried best to provide the best solution. As a […]

Baby Cry After Feeding : Reasons and Solution

baby cry after feeding

Contents ReasonsTry to understand the signals of your kidBest practice to soothe cry babiesA warm shower; Quick SoothingKids love hangoutPets for kidsConclusion It’s a critical situation for you when your child is not feeling comfortable and crying for hours and hours after feeding. You may feel the stress that something isn’t right with your kid […]

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Contents 1. TALKING TO TODDLERS2. THE WHOLE-BRAIN CHILD3. BETWEEN PARENT AND CHILD4. POSITIVE DISCIPLINE FOR PRESCHOOLERS5. THE PARENT SURVIVAL GUIDEConclusion It isn’t an easy job for inexperienced parents to handle the toddlers well without facing problems until they read one in most recommended toddler parenting books in. Sometimes children tease too much to their parents […]

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