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How Best Christian Parenting Books are Helping New Parents

It is every parent’s dream for their children to have a bright future. Nevertheless, in modern day and age, parenting is increasingly becoming tougher until one have best christian parenting books. This is due to the ever growing influences from technology, cultural diversity, beliefs and lifestyles. Failing to properly nurture, mould and lead kids in the right path thereby increases their chances of falling prey to delinquency, materialism and other worldly pleasures and vices. Such an outcome can be truly heartbreaking more so for Christian parents, leaving them wondering where they went wrong.

It is thereby critical for new parents to equip themselves with the fundamental parenting techniques which are relevant to today’s challenges. Every year, hundreds of thousands of parents turn to Christian parenting books for advice. These books offer guidance and inspiration and have proven effective in helping parents instil discipline in their children and shape their character. They borrow heavily from the Bible as the major point of reference. The best Christian parenting guides help new parents raise their little ones in a Godly way by teaching them a number of valuable lessons.

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The universality of parenting problems

In the course of parenting, many often find themselves robbed of joy, running out of patience and lacking self control. This is what indisciplined and unruly children can do to you regardless. In fact they can leave you questioning your Christian faith everytime you become angry and feel like a complete failure. Thankfully, the best Christian parenting books for dads are a great source of comfort. They acknowledge that these weaknesses are a normal part of parenting. They teach new parents how to restore their joy, be patient and exercise self control when dealing with children.

Teaching them early

New parents are encouraged to start teaching their kids at a tender age. The books equip new parents with language skills to enable them talk to their young children about God, Christianity, good and bad in a way they can easily digest and understand. This way, they develop an interest in knowing God and doing what is good while they are still little. Even the bible agrees that when they grow up, they will most likely not depart from those childhood teachings. The older a child gets the more difficult it is to impart values in them hence the emphasis on toddlers.

Power of praying

Prayer is a vital part of Christian living and a powerful tool when raising kids. However, the everyday hustle and bustle of life and the never ending responsibilities of caring for children at times feels too much. As a new parent, you may find yourself forgetting to devote some time for prayer or not having the energy for it. The best Christian parenting books helps new parents with strategies to manage their children in a more efficient way. A way that is less exhausting and overwhelming, giving parents the needed time and room for prayer. In addition, they guide new parents on how to pray for their children.


Discipline over punishment

It is not unusual for parents to punish their children out of anger while other parents withhold discipline all together. In these books, new parents are made to understand the difference between discipline and punishment, why discipline is critical by citing bible verses that support it and how to disciple children the Christian way in love. New parents can also learn of various ways to respond to bad behavior instead of anger.

Parenting roles

Bringing forth a child doesn’t automatically mean you are well versed with your duties and responsibilities as a parent. In fact, many problems with the youth today can be traced back to parents not having carried out their roles. This does not mean providing basic needs alone. Children need a lot more than just food, clothing, shelter and education. The best Christian parenting guides enlighten new parents on their social, spiritual and emotional roles towards children. They stress on the importance of being the greatest influencer and give tips on how to attain that. New parents get to be their kid’s role model.

Identifying talents

The best Christian books help new parents raise confident kids by learning simple everyday actions that build their children’s self esteem. They learn how to help children find their life purpose by identifying and nurturing their special God given gifts and talents. They also learn how to use these gifts to glorify God. Parents also master ways of leading their kids to self actualization. By helping children realize and embrace their true identity, they will not have to imitate society.

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Creating family time

New parents pick up skills for creating more family time and assembly in form of dinner, fellowship, devotion, prayer, games etc. In the middle of busy schedules, many families find themselves pulling apart despite living under the same roof. Best Christian books assist new parents cultivate more family gathering as a way to connect with each other and pull back together. They guide parents in making their homes a place for unconditional love, joy and forgiveness where their children can always come to without fear or resentment.

These are just a few of the numerous ways the best Christian books for toddlers have lent a helping hand to new parents. The most important lesson of all is to always begin early; as early as when the kids are toddlers. Why? Because when the roots are deep, a tree remains firm on the ground. This is the learning stage where kids are figuring out their words, emotions, testing boundaries and copying stuff. By first developing a bond early enough with your children, it becomes easier to lead them and impart the desires Christian values in them even as they become older. The stage is really tough to do on your own as a new parent and requires special communication skills and a rapport.

The book Talking To Toddlers by Chris Thompson offers really great tips on language strategies to help you get started with effectively communicating and connecting to your kids and has aided many parents at that stage. Once the foundation is firm, the next phase of parenting will most probably be a walk over.

Best Christian Parenting Books
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